auto joins yellow team in walls
V0.1 Fixed
Tools for the WildPrison server ( )
* AutoWelcomeBack
Changes the font in the enchantingtable to a human readable language.
Use /readableEnchanting to enable/disable

Does not work correctly between reloads, after reloading with this module enabled you can't disable it anymore. Restarting minecraft fixes this.
A helpful design to prevent Hypixel from kicking you out from being AFK. [Beta]
Counts specific items. Good for grinding in skyblock.

Use /counter help to start!
Fetches Hypixel Bedwars data of your player from the stats website.  Use it with command /ms!
Notice: This chat trigger is classified as use at your own risk on Hypixel, but you should be fine as it only retrieves data about your player.

Mod/Module Info -
Version: 0.9
My Discord: Codrr#0080
This Mod/Module averages and totals members weekly g exp and or an entire guild (/g member (name) and /g info)
There will be bugs, contact me on discord if you find a bug.

Mod Commands -
/gtoggle -
Toggles Mod/Module on and off

Mod Photos -
/g member (name/ign) -
/g info -

Future Updates (Maybe) -
Custom Settings (Changes Colors, etc)
Any Community Suggestions

Automatically connects you back to skyblock when there is a game update or scheduled restart (Happy grinding!)

Made for Hypixel Skyblock 
This mod preaches the Word to all minemen of the World. Send your prayers and your blessings to your loved ones and study the Bible in any Hypixel game using this fantastic Christian mod developped by Brother Vershul.
Type /amen help to get a full list this module's functionalitites!
  • /amen help - Prints a help message with all available commands
  • /amen autoverse - Toggles random Bible verses on minigame start
  • /amen random - Says a random Bible Verse in chat ("/amen rand" also works)
  • /amen verse <bookname> <chapter:verse> - Says a specific single verse
  • /amen prayer <type> - Says a random prayer of a certain type in chat (entering the <type> is optional as you can use the menu to pick the desired category)
  • /amen bless <player> - Sends a blessing to the player by PM
  • /amen votd - Prints the verse of the day
Previously known as RandomBibleVersesIG
Automatically warps between Hypixel Solo Duels servers to find a player to 1v1 
Type "/1v1finder " to get started