This Module adds a list with color codes to the screen.
Use /color to toggle it and to change the settings. 
This module requires the 'SettingsManager' module.

If you experience a bug where you can't move the list completely to the right you can try to delete ".colorHelper-settings.json" and run "/ct reload".

  • removed the \ in front of the colorcode
  • Update to make the module work with Chattriggers 0.18.3
Enables fullbright, making all dark things bright.
toggle it with /fullbright

Enabling fullbright sets the players brightness to 1000000.
Disabling fullbright restores the previous brightness level.
An improved version of the Optifine zoom-in feature.
Use 'R' to zoom in (rebind-able in the settings file)
Use the scroll wheel to increase/decrease the amount you zoom in.

Changes the font in the enchantingtable to a human readable language.
Use /readableEnchanting to enable/disable

Does not work correctly between reloads, after reloading with this module enabled you can't disable it anymore. Restarting minecraft fixes this.