Contains all ES6 official polyfills, such as Array.forEach and Promises.

Each polyfill is in it's own file, in the format ..js. All Polyfills (except for a few) are pulled directly from the Mozilla Development Network.

NOTE: The polyfills were not individually tested. If a polyfill does not work, please let me know on Discord. 
A configurable ring selector menu.
JS2PY is a utility that allows you to use object created in Javascript in your Python modules. See the README (not finished) for details on how to use the module.
A simple pretty-print function
Easily get obfuscated names of minecraft fields and methods. Works across version and in dev environments with no extra work to the module maker.

Getting the name of a field:
var name = Searge.field(JAVAOBJECT, 'fieldName');
Getting the name of a method:
var name = Searge.method(JAVAOBJECT, 'methodName');
A nicer alternative to XMLHttpRequest with a promise-like API. See the for a full api description