Tracks your winstreak in hypixel gamemodes.
Tested and works on:
Skywars, Bedwars

/winstreak - Displays all commands
/winstreak show - Shows your winstreak in chat
/winstreak toggle - Toggle on/off winstreak tracking
/winstreak reset - Reset your winstreak to 0.
Miscellaneous guild chat improvements for the Lemon Tree guild
This is an autogg mod, that says "Fighting Toxicity with a ❤" at the end of each game. You can edit the message in the config.
Made by BrushStrokes.

./chat a Good game
Press X to execute 'parkour checkpoint' command.
Auto-generates a settings file and gui based on the object created and registers. 
Example usage can be found in UseExample.js
This is AutoConfirm. /chatreport [user name] will automatically /chatreport confirm.(Translate by google)


A small port for ct.js: orangetogglesprint!
DejaVu DejaVu DejaVu

/DejaVu - toggles
[resource pack] (the module warns you about installing this on first load)
A custom chat filter for Hypixel
/ab - open the AdBlock gui
/ab reset - resets settings back to default