Plays a relatively loud, high-pitched annoying 10-secs long screech when you're about to get AFK Kicked from a game. Type '/omgstop' to make it stop
Removes repetitive Housing-related announcements
(Credits to Meelqd for their "NoSkywarsSpam" module)
Automatically avoid Xhing and/or Chaparral and get warped into a better map. Use "/noxhing" to toggle Xhing on or off and "/nochaparral" to toggle Chaparral on or off. 

(The spellings /noxing, /nochapparral, /nochaparal, /nochapparal, and /nochaprral work as well)
(Note: You get automatically warped 3.6s after you join Xhing or Chaparral so expect to wait a little before the module kicks in.)
(Note2: You get automatically warped 4s after the message "Please don't spam the command!" appears while you're in Xhing or Chaparral in case the previous trigger acted too fast)
Automatically messages someone back with either of 2 predefined messages (to circumvent the anti-spam filter, there is a 50/50 chance of auto-replying with message1 or message2) while you're busy playing TNT/PVP Run. 
(Thanks to xMdb for his 'AmAFK' module, to Matt and to IconPippi who helped me on the ct discord)
Plays a drum roll sound effect when the game starts in 5 4 seconds. (Credits to Fifti's kill sound module)
Automatically types /who when joining a game of Bow Spleef and when the game starts.  (Works for Hypixel in EN, GE, FR, NL, ZH and RU)
This module was produced in Japanese. So It may have mistake (Japanese version is here.)

  • Display customizable debug
  • QuickNext / QuickLobby
  • AutoSprint
  • AutoGG
  • AutoFriend(With anti-spam function)
  • Add WatchDogReport's GUI and clickable death messages
  • (0, 0)Coordinate Guider
  • New WhiteList system
  • KillDisplay
  • KillSound / DeathSound
  • Count Popper
  • BedWars's Progress Bar (under inventory)

  • /mie - open GUI
  • /mie reset - reset settings
  • /mwdr UserName or /: UserName - open SimpleWDR GUI    OR   Click to death messages (SW / BW)
  • /names UserName - 名前の履歴を表示

  • R_SHIFT ▶ MainGUI
  • M ▶ WhiteList
  • G ▶ QuickNext
  • Convert ▶ QuickLobby

This module is produced in Japanese. (English version is also soon.)

  • カスタマイズ可能なデバッグを表示します。
  • 次の試合・ロビーに戻るためのキーバインドを設定します。
  • 自動ダッシュ
  • 自動GG
  • 自動フレンド認証(スパム対策機能付き)
  • WatchDogReport用GUIの追加とクリック可能なデスメッセージ
  • (0, 0)への座標案内 距離表示
  • 追加のホワイトリスト
  • キルディスプレイ
  • キルサウンド・デスサウンド
  • カウントポッパー
  • ベッドウォーズのプログレスバー

  • /mie - GUIを開く(キーバインド ➔ 右シフト)
  • /mie reset - 設定をすべてリセット
  • /mwdr UserName もしくは /: UserName - WDRするためのGUIを開く(デスメッセージをクリック)
  • /names UserName - 名前の履歴を表示

  • 右シフト ▶ メインGUI
  • M ▶ ホワイトリスト
  • G ▶ クイックネクスト
  • 変換 ▶ クイックロビー


A module that provides support for modules created in Kotlin. This is meant to be used as a dependency, and shouldn't be imported by itself.
Displays the exact Hour, Minute and Second before every message.