Plays a rising sound effect when a fish is approaching your bobber.
Stay within ~20 blocks of your bobber and make sure to have particles turned on
Quickplay - Alpha
OPEN THE MENU WITH "O" key - Change in Minecraft keybinds under Quickplay category.
Currently you can only teleport to lobby's
Right now if all the icons dont fit in your screen you can change the size of the images, games per row and more in "/qp settings".

8/21/2019 -
The menu is now scroll-able,  you can scroll from side to side with the arrow keys, and use scroll wheel to scroll up and down. Settings update automatically upon opening the GUI. Re-coded the whole thing.

Scrollable menu..
Shrink amount of games per row depending on screen size so there will be no need for side to side scrolling
Straight into a game teleportation.
Change rank and name with "/customrank" || Opens settings...
You can change your name with this - only visible on your side of course
You can change your rank - only visible on your side of course

Example of chat:
Example of tab:
Example of Scoreboard:
Example of Join Message:
Example of Party invite Message:
Example of Party disband Message:
Example of Party list Message:
Example of Game join Message:

8/6/2019 - Optimized regex || Changed how the module changes the name of the player, when requested... | Now 21 lines!
8/7/2019 - Optimized regex || Fixed it so not only MVP+ can use it xd || Now 39 lines!
8/8/2019 - Not broken anymore, Your "CustomRank" will not appear in the Tab List.  Sometimes the tab list won't update, you could forcefully update it with "/customrankreload" || 61 lines.
8/9/2019 - Fixed rank changing for those with no rank || Added so when in the scoreboard it displays a rank, for example in the main lobby it'll show the custom rank || Join lobby message changes per custom rank.. || Added party invite support and disband message changing support || 145 lines.
8/17/2019 - Added game join message changing support || 158 lines.
8/18/2019 - Complete rewrite, added party list support, fixed scoreboard rank || 72 lines.
8/19/2019 - Added alias /crank as alias to /customrank, some people didn't know it changed, fixed default rank support || 78 lines
8/20/2019 - Fixed kill messages

Better health/Mana display for Skyblock
Whilst being a party leader you can use the command " /pw " to warp yourself, and your party to the lobby in a matter of milliseconds.

Good for leaving games before games start in-order to preserve stats..

cred for help to

2019-08-08 04:35:47 PM
Simple ToggleSprint module...
Enable/Disable with "/togglesprint" Is case sensitive
Easily get obfuscated names of minecraft fields and methods. Works across version and in dev environments with no extra work to the module maker.

Getting the name of a field:
var name = Searge.field(JAVAOBJECT, 'fieldName');
Getting the name of a method:
var name = Searge.method(JAVAOBJECT, 'methodName');
A nicer alternative to XMLHttpRequest with a promise-like API. See the for a full api description
The most customizable status effect mod with over 2³² possible settings combinations! Type '/choosypot' to open the settings menu.
This module is for MC 1.8.9

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