Shows animated graphs of your memory usage in the top right corner of the screen.
Tamper with the lobby scoreboards and give yourself any amount of coins you desire. 
The command is: ''/setcoinsto '' 
(It will automatically put the commas where needed so you don't need to include commas in your input)
An improved version of the Optifine zoom-in feature.
Use 'R' to zoom in (rebind-able in the settings file)
Use the scroll wheel to increase/decrease the amount you zoom in.

By Josh B


Blocks the creeper aw man meme (Captain Sparklez - Revenge). The one that happens in every single SkyWars game. Any message that matches 1 of 2 regular expressions will be hidden from your Chat GUI. 
Enables fullbright, making all dark things bright.
toggle it with /fullbright

Enabling fullbright sets the players brightness to 1000000.
Disabling fullbright restores the previous brightness level.
BETA SkyBlock enhancement module
Automatically /boop's someone when they join Hypixel.
  • New update was rolled back due to bugs, as of 30.7.19
  • Made for Hypixel Guild Bravo, Says Welcome to Bravo! on new member automatically, f on member leave, and gg and gj on g quest completion!(By RedSkeppy)
[Remaining Double Jumps Estimator for TNT Run] : Estimates how many remaining double jumps does every player in your current game of TNT Run has at their disposal. 
You can look up the figures given by the mod by looking next to the names in the Tab list during a game of TNT Run.

The numbers denoting the amount of double jumps left are color-coded in the same way as the Double Jump indicator in the scoreboard (i.e. Green for values strictly greater than 3, Yellow for values between 3 and 1, and Red for any value strictly less than 1).

Every player is assumed to have a total of 11 double jumps because accessing the Hypixel API for every player, every game, to see what are their exact total number of double jumps is a hassle.

The margin of error is generally between 0-4 due to false positives and false negatives. (I am open to suggestions on how to improve detection of double jumps)

You might also be interested in the bow spleef equivalent of this module which can be found >here<
A simple pretty-print function