Contains all ES6 official polyfills, such as Array.forEach and Promises.

Each polyfill is in it's own file, in the format ..js. All Polyfills (except for a few) are pulled directly from the Mozilla Development Network.

NOTE: The polyfills were not individually tested. If a polyfill does not work, please let me know on Discord. 
Shows a message in chat every 20 minutes reminding you to do one of the following : breathe, drink water, blink, stand straight, relax, move a bit. 
Use the commands ''/goodhabitsreminders'', ''/ghr'', ''/wellbeing'' or ''/wellness'' to toggle the mod on and off.
Shows a message on screen every hour reminding you to take a break. 
Use the command '/hourlyBreakReminder' to toggle the mod on and off 
(in case you want to nolife minecraft without any break)
JS2PY is a utility that allows you to use object created in Javascript in your Python modules. See the README (not finished) for details on how to use the module.

Private chat should really be private.

This module encrypts and decrypts guild chat and party chat.

/PrivateChat - Open the settings
/gchat - Send an encrypted guild chat
/pchat - Send an encrypted party chat
/cchat - Send an ecrypted co-op chat
/gc /pc and /cc will still send unencrypted chat

Makes a personal raincloud appear above your head and pour rain on you.
Use the command /raincloud to toggle the mod according to your mood.

NOTE: This mod requires Graphic Settings>Animation>Particles to be set to "All" in order to work.
Shows you your Coords, Fps, and Ping
on the top right corner.
Edit where it says Sub2ZyrexMC To the text you want.
Text appears in top right corner atm.
lists some of the hypixel games