When You Recieve A Party Request You Will Automatically Accept
An addon to my last mod, AutoRageExcuse
Now automatic! Excuse on death.
Death excuses on command! /are for all cmds and help.
[Hypixel Only!]
When a game starts, a CS:GO sound will play 'let's go'
[You can now use all my 3 mods together, oof, sadfail and this.]
This module takes a set of points from Fourier.points and creates a list of vectors attached end to end that spin at constant velocities to approximate a curve that passes through all of the points. Basically, lots of circles can draw a picture.
/fourier - opens the gui

Resources used to create this module:
3blue1brown video
An Interactive Introduction to Fourier Transforms
Plays 'mission failed,we'll get them next time' on a lot of hypixel games when you die
[Now you can use all my 3 mods together, soundminder, oof and this!]
[HYPIXEL ONLY] Says Oof on kill in more games! (SW,DUELS AND BLITZ)
thanks to fifti for some code 
[Now you can use all my 3 mods together, sadfail, soundminder and this]
A configurable ring selector menu.
Adds a quit command
/quit - instantly quit out of the game