Automatically confirms the chat-report whenever you report someone.

/chatreport [Player] - and then it will confirm the report automatically.
/cr [Player] - and then it will confirm the report automatically.
Automatically opens the delivery man menu when you log in to the Hypixel Network for the first time of the day.

This does not automatically claim the daily rewards, it merely opens the delivery man menu.

If you spawn outside of a lobby, the mod will execute itself the next time you join a lobby (If it's the first time of the day you connect to Hypixel and that you aren't spending sleepless nights playing, it is unlikely to happen)

The source code is well-documented and has lots of comments (perhaps too much)
Auto accept friend requests on Hypixel China Edition.
Use /aafconfig to open setting GUI
./chat a Good game
This is an autogg mod, that says "Fighting Toxicity with a ❤" at the end of each game. You can edit the message in the config.
Made by BrushStrokes.

Automatically types /p list when you join a party
This is AutoConfirm. /chatreport [user name] will automatically /chatreport confirm.(Translate by google)


A small port for ct.js: orangetogglesprint!
This AutoGG is for Warzone ( it says "❤ GG" at the end of each game.
Sends a "Thank You!" into guild chat whenever someone says wb. Requested by a friend