IN PROGRESS, IT DOESN'T WORK AT THE MOMENT! Announces guild level ups to all guild members. Basically all was made by Fifti, and I edited it a bit.
Automatically says "Welcome!" when someone joins your guild!
Miscellaneous guild chat improvements for the Lemon Tree guild
Emplify guild gvg mod. Highlights the names of emplify members in tab and above their names. 

Announces achievements you earn into guild chat.
If others in the same guild as you are using the mod, you see a custom message when they get an achievement.

Report any bugs to me on discord.
Sends a "Thank You!" into guild chat whenever someone says wb. Requested by a friend
This is the official / unofficial Pumpkin Patch Guild Module on hypixel!
Shortens /g online to /gon.
Useful for people in large guilds

Private chat should really be private.

This module encrypts and decrypts guild chat and party chat.

/PrivateChat - Open the settings
/gchat - Send an encrypted guild chat
/pchat - Send an encrypted party chat
/cchat - Send an ecrypted co-op chat
/gc /pc and /cc will still send unencrypted chat