A set of ported utilities from old ChatTriggers. This pack includes:
  • HypixelFriends
  • PartyPlus
  • WhiteChat
  • AutoFriend
/hu - open settings
[HYPIXEL ONLY] Says Oof on kill in more games! (SW,DUELS AND BLITZ)
thanks to fifti for some code 
[Now you can use all my 3 mods together, sadfail, soundminder and this]
Fetches Hypixel Bedwars data of your player from the Armenium.xyz stats website.  Use it with command /ms!
Notice: This chat trigger is classified as use at your own risk on Hypixel, but you should be fine as it only retrieves data about your player.
GitHub: https://github.com/ArmeniumYT/Armenium-ChatTrigger
Makes every Hypixel rank shorter, example: [MVP++]  -> [M+]

Currently works only in chat.
Tracks your winstreak in hypixel gamemodes.
Tested and works on:
Skywars, Bedwars

/winstreak - Displays all commands
/winstreak show - Shows your winstreak in chat
/winstreak toggle - Toggle on/off winstreak tracking
/winstreak reset - Reset your winstreak to 0.
lists some of the hypixel games
A custom chat filter for Hypixel
/ab - open the AdBlock gui
/ab reset - resets settings back to default
Auto accept friend requests on Hypixel China Edition.
Use /aafconfig to open setting GUI
Make the custom rank on Hypixel China Edition.
Automatically /boop's someone when they join Hypixel.