Quickplay - Alpha
OPEN THE MENU WITH "O" key - Change in Minecraft keybinds under Quickplay category.
Currently you can only teleport to lobby's
Right now if all the icons dont fit in your screen you can change the size of the images, games per row and more in "/qp settings".

8/21/2019 -
The menu is now scroll-able,  you can scroll from side to side with the arrow keys, and use scroll wheel to scroll up and down. Settings update automatically upon opening the GUI. Re-coded the whole thing.

Scrollable menu..
Shrink amount of games per row depending on screen size so there will be no need for side to side scrolling
Straight into a game teleportation.
A configurable ring selector menu.
Automatically opens the delivery man menu when you log in to the Hypixel Network for the first time of the day.

This does not automatically claim the daily rewards, it merely opens the delivery man menu.

If you spawn outside of a lobby, the mod will execute itself the next time you join a lobby (If it's the first time of the day you connect to Hypixel and that you aren't spending sleepless nights playing, it is unlikely to happen)

The source code is well-documented and has lots of comments (perhaps too much)
The most customizable status effect mod with over 2³² possible settings combinations! Type '/choosypot' to open the settings menu.
This module is for MC 1.8.9

Video showcase >> https://youtu.be/KZ8bHOAQ-Lg
This mod preaches the Word to all minemen of the World. Send your prayers and your blessings to your loved ones and study the Bible in any Hypixel game using this fantastic Christian mod developped by Brother Vershul.
Type /amen help to get a full list this module's functionalitites!
  • /amen help - Prints a help message with all available commands
  • /amen autoverse - Toggles random Bible verses on minigame start
  • /amen random - Says a random Bible Verse in chat ("/amen rand" also works)
  • /amen verse <bookname> <chapter:verse> - Says a specific single verse
  • /amen prayer <type> - Says a random prayer of a certain type in chat (entering the <type> is optional as you can use the menu to pick the desired category)
  • /amen bless <player> - Sends a blessing to the player by PM
  • /amen votd - Prints the verse of the day
Previously known as RandomBibleVersesIG